With so many of us spending long working hours inside buildings, often with no natural ventilation, it’s not surprising that many of us start to wilt half way through the day.


Not only is poor air quality bad for productivity, it can also be bad for our health and can be attributed to an increase in ailments such as asthma and eczema, as well as colds and flu.

It’s not only the occupants of offices that suffer the effects of stale air; educational facilities, where students and staff sit in one area for long lengths of time, will feel the benefits of cleaner, fresher air, both from a health and concentration point of view. Any building that does not have natural ventilation should provide some source of fresh air supply to its occupants.


Fortunately at Adcock we have a range of energy efficient solutions that can provide clean, fresh air, all year round and they will also reduce your energy bills too!


Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery units (MVHR) and air handling units (AHU’s) are designed to deliver a constant supply of fresh air to a building whilst simultaneously extracting the stale air. They provide a healthy, comfortable environment, regardless of the type of building and they can work alongside your current heating and/or cooling system.


Fresh air ventilation offers many benefits including:

  • Clean, fresh air
  • Proven health benefits
  • Improved climate control
  • Energy efficient heat recovery
  • Reduced energy bills


Fresh air ventilation benefits people and businesses and is a simple, effective solution that will have long term benefits for businesses.


For more information please contact your local branch.

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