How can a pen revolutionise customer service?

Like many service companies, our service and maintenance team used to record work carried out and then report it back to the office by writing out paper forms and then faxing them or dropping them into the local branch.  Well, times have changed and in this digital age, information needs to be communicated far more quickly.

As our business grew we knew that we had to look at a faster, more efficient way to record data and provide good quality records for our customers.  After a number of unsuccessful trials with different systems we then spoke with Destiny┬« Wireless in January 2012 and after doing a cost analysis we soon saw the benefits for both staff and customers and subsequently rolled out the new Destiny┬« system nationally to all of our service and maintenance engineers.

The effect of this change has been significant in terms of quality, speed and overall business efficiency and is another reason why our customers value our outstanding service .  Find out more here.