Unex Group

Adcock has completed a replacement and installation project for Unex Group, a real estate investment and development company based in Cambridge.


Unex Group is a family owned company who focus on commercial and mixed-use properties in East Anglia and London. They have a large portfolio of property types, including projects developed by themselves and investments acquired.


Adcock was asked to replace the existing chiller at Unex House in Hills Road and install a new Daikin chiller.  The existing chiller needed to be disconnected of all refrigeration, electrical and plumbing connections. A crane lift was required due to the roof top location of the chiller and to position the new chiller. The project was completed during the first week of July 2018.


Adcock has a well established relationship with Unex Group, who have been customers for over 20 years. Adcock previously replaced the two chillers on the roof of the adjacent building also for Unex Group.