Hospitality is big business globally and standards need to remain high in order for them to be competitive.  As a hub for local and global visitors it’s important that visitors enjoy a comfortable stay and are encouraged to return. 


Hotels use a lot of energy as they are running for 24 hours a day, heating and cooling rooms, providing comfortable restaurants and leisure facilities and serving food around the clock.

Adcock has a wealth of experience in the hotel sector and we service and install world class systems that offer premium efficiency, low carbon use and clever control systems. Renewable technology is revolutionising energy use within the hotel industry, helping to eradicate C0² emissions and make huge long term savings. Fresh air ventilation systems offer heat recovery technology which converts otherwise wasted air, cutting costs and optimising heating and cooling systems.


Our air conditioning and refrigeration technology comes with a long term warranty which includes full service and maintenance throughout the warranty period, along with our continued expert advice and personal service.


Please contact your local branch for full details of the services and benefits we offer.

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