Our history of working with healthcare customers goes back several decades and today we have a large and varied portfolio of customers in hospitals, GP surgeries, private healthcare practices and dental surgeries, all over the UK. 


Many UK NHS buildings are undergoing major refurbishment and one of the primary areas of focus is to replace out of date heating, cooling and ventilation systems.  New systems will not only improve internal comfort but the new, highly efficient systems that we install, can cut energy costs by up to 70%, which offers significant annual savings along with helping to achieve target reductions in carbon emissions.

Air source heat pumps, a renewable energy solution, are a popular choice for long term efficiency and can provide heating and cooling, including via door curtains, where vast amounts of energy is used to maintain internal temperatures. ASHP’s provide ‘free cooling and heating’ which is far more efficient than standard door heaters.


Fresh air ventilation is also a major factor for heathcare environments and our state-of-the-art solutions provide carefully controlled air flow and purification throughout entire buildings, as well as some specialised areas that require sterile air.


A selection of case studies are shown below, however if you wish to discuss a specific project we would love to hear from you.

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