In line with the European Union F-Gas Regulation of 16 April 2104 it is a legal requirement for all businesses who install, maintain or service stationary refrigeration, air-conditioning, heat-pump (RAC) equipment that contains “F gas” refrigerants to hold a Company Certificate issued by an appointed Company Certification Body. The Adcock Group has registered with REFCOM who have been formally named by Defra.

In addition, the F-Gas Regulation requires companies and other organisations with air conditioning plant to ensure that the fluorinated greenhouse gases are contained within the systems. You can read the full guidelines here.

To find out if your equipment contains one of these F gases you can:

  • check your manual or the labels on your equipment
  • speak to the company that installed your equipment


HFC 404A and HFC 134a are common in refrigeration systems.


HFC 404A and HFC 410A are common in air conditioning and heat pump systems. For the full list of F-gases please visit the government website.

All personnel carrying out installation, maintenance or servicing of stationary refrigeration, air conditioning or heat pump equipment (SRACHP work) that contains or is designed to contain F-Gas refrigerants must hold either City & Guilds 2079 or CITB Safe Handling of Refrigerants: Category 1 qualifications to be able to legally work on this equipment.

All Adcock engineers are trained to the required standard to meet the requirements of the legislation in order to help companies properly maintain their equipment and stay within the law.

Adcock has introduced a system to assist companies in meeting the demands for adequate labelling and record-keeping required by the new law.

According to Adcock MD, Phillip Prior, many UK businesses were unaware that this new regulation was about to be enforced.

“We contacted all of our clients to inform them about F-gas regulation and the major implications it holds for their business.”


Companies must have equipment containing these refrigerants regularly tested. All relevant plant must be clearly labelled and maintained and comprehensive records kept. Records must be made available for inspection by enforcement officers.


The 'Adcock Aftercare' maintenance package will provide a comprehensive solution. Please download our Aftercare and Maintenance document for more information or contact your nearest branch.

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