Energy Saving Solutions from Adcock

As individuals we are all a little more aware of the air that we breathe and the environment that we live in. Living and working in a comfortable climate has many health and financial benefits and at Adcock we feel it is our duty to ensure that these benefits are felt by all of our customers.


Today's air conditioning and refrigeration solutions are far more advanced than they were even a decade ago. The systems that we design and install provide comfortable, highly efficient heating and cooling for small or large scale properties. Further, our smart VRF systems can heat or cool different temperatures in different parts of a building, helping to please everyone. Our refrigeration systems are precisely designed to offer absolute peace of mind and premium efficiency and our new hydrocarbon chillers are totally environmentally friendly.

Our partners, including Mitsubishi Electric, Toshiba and Daikin, are all world-class manufacturers. More than this, they are pioneers and invest heavily in research. All of our solutions are designed to improve energy efficiency, ventilation, hygiene and productivity. Above all they will help you make considerable financial savings.


Adcock provide air conditioning solutions for all sectors from state of the art new builds to listed buildings and our refrigeration systems are used to provide total peace of mind for critical temperature control in pharmaceutical, research, food and distribution sectors.


Our solutions literally are a breath of fresh air, so whether you are looking to purchase outright or spread the cost, we will offer you the best solution for your needs. Please contact us today to discuss your options and easy steps to a fresher outlook.

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