Adcock has a long history of providing air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation services to the education sector. Our first office was founded in Cambridge in 1964 and the university was among many of our first long term customers.  Many of our older learning facilities in the UK have undergone extensive refurbishment over recent years and we are proud to have worked on many projects from Mid Kent College in the South and up to University Technical College in Norwich.

Air quality plays an important role in modern facilities as it has been proven that good quality ventilation can improve health as well as learning.  As well as the classroom, schools, universities and colleges are benefitting from a whole range of new campus services including hair salons, restaurants and state-of-the-art sports facilities, all requiring efficient heating and cooling.


Our qualified engineers regularly install, service and maintain highly efficient systems, including renewable energy solutions, that offer low energy consumption and low costs, helping to make our UK learning facilities healthy and airy places to teach and learn.


If you would like to discuss a forthcoming project or you would like to know more about our energy saving solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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