Daikin Network Service System

When you are managing sizeable or multi-site facilities, it can be a real challenge to find the time or resources to continually monitor energy use or to spot a potential issue. Fortunately, for new Daikin systems, we can offer a valuable additional solution that will take all of the strain away and keep your systems fully monitored and under control, 24 hours a day.

The Daikin Network Service System (DNSS) is a remote monitoring system, which allows you to continuously optimise the operational efficiency of your Daikin equipment in order to control energy consumption, reduce operational costs and extend the lifespan of systems.

DNSS offers predictive maintenance by analysing data from your equipment every minute of the day. It continuously checks the cleanliness of the system filters and heat exchangers, as well as managing a wide range of data (such as pressures, temperatures, running hours etc.) to ensure that your equipment operates as efficiently as possible. DNSS helps to prevent breakdowns by sending alerts about any issues early and in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, we will contact you directly to explain the concern and reduce possible down time to a minimum.

Further energy savings can be made by using the DNSS EcoSave service which uses remote weather forecast information (local to the specific site) combined with data collected from the air conditioners, taking into account occupancy levels and details of the installation. Judgements are then made using this information and, if energy saving measures are possible, they will be made remotely, leaving you trouble free.

For more information please contact your local branch office.

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