Digital Service Technology

Like many service companies, our service and maintenance team recorded work carried out and then reported it back to the office by writing out paper forms and then faxing them or dropping them into the local branch. 


However, as our business grew we knew that we had to look at a faster, more efficient way to record data and provide good quality records for our customers. After a number of unsuccessful trials with different systems we then spoke with Destiny® Wireless in January 2012 and after doing a cost analysis we soon saw the benefits for both staff and customers and subsequently rolled out the new Destiny® system nationally to all of our service and maintenance engineers.


The system revolutionised the way we worked by improving efficiency and customer service.  We converted our standard forms into a digital format for use with the digital pens which included a combined risk assessment and service sheet for reactive service, the same combination for planned preventative maintenance, a waste transfer sheet for refrigerant disposal, risk assessments, time sheet, hot works permit and hot works advisory sheets, that are used when engineers are braising copper pipe.


After completing a site visit, engineers write out the relevant forms using digital pens. The customer can sign and receive a paper copy, then by simply ticking a box on the bottom of each form, the electronic data stored in the pen is then transmitted via Bluetooth to the engineer’s


mobile device. After a quick on-screen validation of the job number, it’s sent on to secure servers, together with any photos taken during the visit.  Within less than a minute a copy of the completed handwritten form is emailed to the office and customer in a smart-looking service sheet in pdf format.


The routing of the completed form is determined by the needs of the individual job. All forms are sent to the service admin team as well as the service manager to check whether a customer follow-up or a quote for further work is needed. Similarly it’s sent to the stores department if new parts are required.


This new technology has proven to be a turning point for our engineers, the benefits of which are felt by our staff and our customers.

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