Data Centres

It’s hard to believe that only three decades ago computer terminals were being run from giant mainframe computers, often with big fans pushing warm air around the room or the windows open!  How times have changed in such a short time.


Nowadays, PC’s can be run from a microchip and nationwide networks can be run from small servers. The internet has allowed everyone, globally, to be connected and whilst machines have become smaller, data capacities continue to grow.  Maintaining security, performance, continuity and speed means that technology needs to run optimally 24 hours a day, every day which requires a great deal of energy and temperature control.

Adcock are specialists in cooling solutions for critical temperature controlled environments and our low energy, low cost solutions can be installed without compromising temperatures or performance. We can also provide bespoke solutions for very specific needs and all solutions provide early warning controls should any variations in temperature be detected.


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